Ever wanted to proudly say ‘I’m doing my part’ when it comes to combatting global heating?  To quote Australia’s Paul Kelly ‘From Little Things big things Grow.’

These seeds (below) are California Redwood seeds, Sequoia Sempervirens and these little things get big.

These blades of what looks like grass (below) are in fact very young redwoods. 

One thousand years later and a lot of luck avoiding lightening and these blades of grass might break the 110m vertical barrier.

We will be selling 200mm redwoods when we have enough on hand for it to make sense.  All seedings will arrive in a composable pot inside a standard recyclable pot. The plastic pot has a spot to indicate North, as these might be significant in getting them going. We just don't know, so your feedback is needed. We are using genetically selected stock from New Zealand.  New Zealand has a commercial redwood forestry and our attraction to these amazing trees is their ability to anchor and transform sodic clays.

These trees will be available for on-site sponsorship and a sponsor tree can be a lasting memorial to a pet or another family member.  We have four trees already set aside for this. Please fill in the form below to register your interest.

Check in regularly for seeing how our blades of grass climb skyward.

Fully grown California Redwoods
Fully grown California Redwoods

California Redwood Care Instructions

Your small redwood needs four vital elements.

  1.  WATER.

These trees need water, bright green leaves mean enough water.  Slightly pale, even a little bit add water.  They can take in water from their leaves if you get a fog.


Various animals if given the chance will test them for taste.  Deer are shockers.  Think about keeping animals away from them until they get bigger.


Your tree needs to get Sun in order to grow.  It's as simple as that.

4. NO Sandy Soil

These trees hate sand.  Sodic soils that can fix, but sad is a lost cause.


Great Things to Do with your Redwood

Remember a loved one, by planting a redwood over their remains.  

Stop semi-permanent water way erosion.  The root map will anchor the soil and start grabbing the silt.

Reduce your carbon footprint - LOTS.

Plan your own mini forest.  If the area gets at least 800mm of rain a year, harvestable logs in 50 years.  Gets 1.4m+ rain a year on track for 25 years.  These trees grow very fast if they have rain and Sun.

Make a Statement.  Get permission to ready an important visit to your area by getting a redwood planted.  The late Queen planted many trees, George Harrison planted over 10,000 in his lifetime.

Wonder.  As these trees grow just wonder at them.


California Redwood seeds
California Redwood seeds
California Redwood seeds
California Redwood - 5yo
California Redwood - 5yo

California Redwood Tree Form


We'd love to hear from you if you want to sponsor a California Redwood. Just fill in this form and we'll contact you ASAP.