Ever wanted to proudly say ‘I’m doing my part’ when it comes to combatting global heating?  To quote Australia’s Paul Kelly ‘From Little Things big things Grow.’

These seeds (below) are California Redwood seeds, Sequoia Sempervirens and these little things get big.

These blades of what looks like grass (below) are in fact very young redwoods. 

One thousand years later and a lot of luck avoiding lightening and these blades of grass might break the 110m vertical barrier.

We will be selling 200mm redwoods when we have enough on hand for it to make sense.  All seedings will arrive in a composable pot inside a standard recyclable pot. The plastic pot has a spot to indicate North, as these might be significant in getting them going. We just don't know, so your feedback is needed. We are using genetically selected stock from New Zealand.  New Zealand has a commercial redwood forestry and our attraction to these amazing trees is their ability to anchor and transform sodic clays.

These trees will be available for on-site sponsorship and a sponsor tree can be a lasting memorial to a pet or another family member.  We have four trees already set aside for this. Please fill in the form below to register your interest.

Check in regularly for seeing how our blades of grass climb skyward.

Fully grown California Redwoods
Fully grown California Redwoods

California Redwood Seed Germination Instructions

California Redwood seeds scientific name Sequoia Sempervirens are in packs of 10 seeds.  Count carefully as I send more than 10 seeds per packet.  So far, no complaints, but it’s early days.

These are the seeds for the tallest tress on the planet.  This is NOT a suburban tree, unless your yard is big.  Even with a big yard after 25 years the first real idea of how big it will really be in a 100 will be taking shape as the ground around it will be getting pushed sideways.   In high rainfall areas harvestable logs possible in 25 years.  These trees grow faster outside of the USA, as their natural pests are absent. 

These seeds were imported from California and all required paperwork obtained.  The seeds are best available genetic stock.

Redwoods are excellent at controlling soil erosion.  Very good at controlling sodic soil tunnel erosion, by adding hydrogen ions and organic matter to the clay.  Search Agro Forestry and Rowan Reid to look at his You Tube video explaining how.  Here is the link  Redwoods for erosion control - YouTube

They take love and patience to germinate, this will be between 50% and 10% depending on which set of you tube videos you follow or if you follow these instructions. 

The really Important Part

We use one part vermiculite and five parts coco peat mix, where the seed is gently pressed into the mix.  Place in 50% Sun and mist.  The root burrows first and when it does the shoot is not far behind.  Do not use fertilizers.  Keep the mix damp, just really damp - NOT WET, except for the first watering.  The mix must NOT dry out.  The tree will emerge as a blade of grass, with a brown husk at the top.

Compostable pots are in test.  Current 40% germination is with plastic trays.  Put them into a bigger pot once the tree gets going.  Plant your seeds ONE or TWO per seed box.  If you have the space, just one in the centre is best, but two at diagonals also works, but brace for tricky re-potting.

The multi seedling picture was taken 15th May 2022.  They are hammering, with the biggest putting on at least 1cm a week.  You can pick out the first one, second bottom row on the right.

They may need hand watering in Summer.  Deep green leaves are good, pale is not.  Help fight global warming; a mature tree is reported as are storing an entire person’s lifetime carbon footprint.  These trees have excellent potential in carbon farming.

Remember a loved one, by planting a redwood over their remains.  

California Redwood seeds
California Redwood seeds
California Redwood seeds
California Redwood - 5yo
California Redwood - 5yo

California Redwood Tree Form


We'd love to hear from you if you want to sponsor a California Redwood. Just fill in this form and we'll contact you ASAP.