Swarm Removal Port Stephens and Barrington Coast

We rescue bee swarms for FREE.  Don’t call the exterminators call us.

Swarming is a natural phenomenon that occurs during early Spring to early Autumn on the Sunshine Coast. As the months start to warm up, bees start to expand their colonies and a result of this can be swarming. It's important to note that a swarm of bees is generally not dangerous as their main focus is to find a new home and protect their queen.

A swarm of bees will often be in a ball shape in a tree, on the side of a building or attached to a solid object.  Simple swarm removals at ground or near ground level are free.  If the swarm has entered a building or tree: the work to relocate them greatly increases so, please contact Castle Inman to get a quote on the cost of us coming to you to relocate the bees safely to a new home.

All removals are subject to mite restrictions.


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