Honey is the only known food without a shelf life. Jars of honey are reported to have been pulled out of the pyramids and still be good. Sadly, honey is also the most adulterated food on the planet. Huge amounts of ‘honey’ are sold that has never been near a bee. All of our honey is extracted from our on-site hives. The flavour and colour of the honey changes throughout the year. This is that natural process coming at you.

We will be shipping honey in October, depending upon on the local eucalypt trees and our bees' agreeing that this is a good idea.


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Honey For Sale

Honey - 500 Gram in plastic container - $15 + Delivery ($9.50 Aust Wide)

Honey - 1KG in glass flip lid container. Comes with a $5 coupon when re-filled at a market day. - $20 + Delivery ($13 Aust Wide)

Please Note: We cannot ship honey to Western Australia due to WA laws.

International orders please contact us for delivery costs.

To purchase our honey for all Australian residents (Except WA) please choose your size and pay via Paypal. We will ship your honey to the address you have specified in Paypal.

Honey Jars
600 x 400