Honey is the only known food without a shelf life. Jars of honey are reported to have been pulled out of the pyramids and still be good. Sadly, honey is also the most adulterated food on the planet. Huge amounts of ‘honey’ are sold that has never been near a bee. All of our honey is extracted from our on-site hives. The flavour and colour of the honey changes throughout the year. This is that natural process coming at you.

We will be shipping honey in October, depending upon on the local eucalypt trees and our bees' agreeing that this is a good idea.


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Honey For Sale

Castle Inman is world famous for the quality of Postcode 2425 honey that our bees produce.

Our apiary is located in the heart of the Karuah River valley on the Barrington Coast 32’28” 0 S 15’ 56” 52.1 E.  Our Bees have access to Eucalypts of White Mahogany, Iron Bark, Yellow Box, Spotted Gum and Tallow Woods.  The understorey of these magnificent trees also contains Polygalifolium (jelly bush), noted for its Manuka Honey.  Our honey will vary in colour and taste by the seasons, even by the hive!

Our Technoset food grade hives meet the highest bio-security standards.

This natural honey contains the pollens that our bees intended it to have.

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