1,830g Barrington Coast Polyflora Honeycomb


Wild honeycomb harvested from the foothills of the magnificent Barrington Tops.  Each comb is unique – a rare blend created by the bees, never to be repeated.

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This is virgin untouched honey.  Our wild honeycomb is a unique taste experience; the wonderful flavour and aroma of pure honey is amplified when preserved in the thin wax chambers of the comb.  It’s sticky, runny, tasty and very yummy! Many customers have commented that it’s the best honey they have ever tasted.  This is sadly because in many cases it’s the first 100% natural honey they have ever tasted.

The health benefits of eating honeycomb are superior to liquid honey, as all the natural elements are preserved and no heat has been applied at any stage of harvesting or processing.  The pollens and other anti-oxidants are present and untouched.

The wax is 100% beeswax and no oil-based wax is used or found in ANY of our hives.  In fact, we recycle wax from our hives and this is remade into foundation sheets to ensure the quality of our product.