Automatic Water Feeder for Apiaries


Automatic Water Feeder for Apiaries

The importance of fresh and unpolluted water near the bees has been widely misunderstood among the beekeeping community.

Under normal conditions a productive-size colony (around 60,000 bees) needs nearly 2 litres of fresh water every day for cooling, feeding,
diluting and maintaining the optimum level of humidity inside the hive for larvae growth.  The bee that is hauling water cannot be gathering and delivering nectar or pollen.  This is not rocket science.  If your workers need only fly 50 metres for water, thousands are released to make for honey for you.  Bees are the ultimate in applied operations management, every time you help them to become more productive the beekeeper is rewarded with more honey.

It really is as simple as that.

It takes around a thousand bees to carry water under normal conditions, when it’s hot this number spikes as all hands are carrying or fanning water through the hive.  Why risk your bees to polluted puddles in a neighbours’ loaded with spray residues and are frequented by bees if there are no alternatives!  How does this help your honey quality certification?

• Food-Grade Polypropylene (PP)
• Twin-walled
• Adjustable water level
• Replaceable ball valve
• Floating PVC landing board that prevents bees from drowning
• Connects with any local fresh water supply system or water tank.
• 10 Litre continuous capacity

Price includes shipping – Aust Wide