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Here are the germination instructions

These are the seeds for the tallest tress on the planet.  Excellent at controlling soil erosion.  Very good at controlling sodic soil tunnel erosion, by adding hydrogen and organic matter to the clay.  Use along waterways to stop the banks eroding. This is an outdoor tree that will need, in time, a LOT of room.  They take love to germinate, and this will be between 50% and 10% depending on which set of you tube videos you follow.  I use seed raising mix, where the seed is gently pressed into the soil and a damp paper towel placed them.  Place in 50% Sun and kept the paper damp, but not wet.  The root emerges first and when it does put the seed in propagation mix.  Do not use fertilizers.  Keep the soil damp, just damp.  The tree will emerge as a blade of grass.

Do not use compostable pots as I first did.  They take too long to break down and the tree very quickly outgrows it and is slowed down by the pot.

The ones in the small pots were started entering a Canberra Winter.  When planting out, wait until 15cm or higher.  Once they get going, they really fly up.  I have recorded 2cm a week from a 45cm tree.   

They may need hand watering in Summer.  Deep green leaves are good, pale is not.

Help fight global warming; a mature tree is reported as are storing an entire person’s lifetime carbon footprint.  These trees have excellent potential in carbon farming.

Remember a loved one, by planting a redwood over their remains.  

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