How to Save Money on Freight

  1. Planning is the best tool at our disposal to save money on freight.  If we plan together on the longer term picture it will work out cheaper.
  2. Pick up or have a relative or friend pick-up direct from Castle Inman. Call ahead so that the order is ready and shut the gate when you come in and after you leave (we probably have a yarn at the gate anyway).  We have black Angus Cattle and Mabel is keen on slices of bread.
  3. If 1 does not work, call ahead, and attend one of our Farmers’ Market days so that we can deliver your goods there, or on the way there. A bit of detour is OK as we both hate paying freight.  We have a double axle box trailer that can take a LOT of boxes.
  4. Ask your local bee club, we might be able to give a presentation night, about helping to arrange a bulk purchase. There is power in organized purchasing just like there used to be power organized labor – proof 10+ years of falling real wages for most.
  5. Use the quote form HERE and ASK if we can deliver. We can deliver to a reasonable arc of about three hours driving from Booral NSW 2425.  If there is way to make it work, we will try and make it so.
  6. Use the quote form HERE, have some flexibility around delivery dates, and we will use to get you price on freight.
  7. Use the quote form HERE, no preferences on hive colours for a $1.00++ per box saving and flexibility with delivery dates, and we will use to get you price on freight and or just get in the Ranger and deliver.